Go With The Flow

When you are sad

you can stay in bed

or put a smile on your face

and see through the window

a beautiful sky in front of you.

So, just go through your day

with the flow!

Do you even imagine how beautiful life is?

Don’t be thinking: if you become hers or his,

you will be happy, fine, good or better person,

better daughter or son,

better mother or father, sister or brother.

You have to live in every moment

that God gives you.

In every second of your life

you have to find

the passion inside!

Be the best person you can be ever

because we are not here forever.

One day we will have to go

to another place,

maybe in another space, we don’t know,

but what we did here

will show how strong we were.

So, don’t be sad and go with the flow

because when you’re happy

everything is possible.

Just believe in that!